Recorded and Mixed @ Kabby Sound

Recorded @ Kabby Sound – Tracking Engineer Will Dyar – Mix Engineer David Badstubner – Mastering Will Dyar @ Hills Audio

Released October 10th 2017
Recorded by Kabby and Mixed & Mastered by Will Dyar @ Hills Audio

Released September 2017
Recorded and mixed by Kabby

Rusa: Plush

Released September 20th 2017
Recorded & Mixed by Kabby

Recorded and Mixed by Kabby
A Collaboration with Anthonious Monk (MC), Joie Flare (bass), Brother Justice (MC), Aviva The Diva (Vox), Ben Montgomery (Trumpet) & Will Dyar (Drums).

Benzo III– Head Trip


Release Date: July 28th, 2017
Co-Produced, Tracking Engineer and Mixed by Kabby

Release Date: August 4th, 2017

Tracking Engineer: Kabby, Mixing Engineer: Luke Carr, Mastering: Will Dyar @ Hills Audio



Thieves and Gypsys– Slipping Through

Released June 3rd, 2017
Engineered and Mixed by Kabby, Mastered by Will Dyar @ Hills Audio

Rusa- Live at City Different Fest

Released January 27th, 2017
Mixed by Kabby

GRYGRDNS- Interwoven

Released September 3, 2016
Tracking Engineer: Kabby, Mix Engineer: Stephan Hawkes



Venus and the Lions- Absinthe

Released February 9, 2014
Engineered and Mixed By Kabby